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First we listen. This integral step helps us start everything off on the right foot. Once we have your goals in mind, we test ideas rigorously until we come up with the solution that fits your needs.

Pros & Cons of Qualitative and Quantitative in User Experience Research

In user experience research, all methodologies fall on a scale from Qualitative to Quantitative. As you move across this gradient, the usefulness, potential questions answered, and results garnered change categorically. It’s important to understand the difference between the types of data, and to know when which type of method is appropriate.

Five Best Practices From Public Websites to Improve Your Intranet Experience

As consumer expectations for interactions with public-facing websites continue to grow, so do the expectations that users have for experiences with intranet sites.

This paper will present five best practices taken from public-facing web design. While there are undoubtedly some key differences between internet and intranet web design, there are also key commonalities between the two as it relates to the tactics and strategies being employed during the user-centered design process.

Elements for an Actionable Customer Journey Map

A successful Customer Journey Map (CJM) should capture the various stages of interactions and experiences with your brand from a customer’s perspective. More importantly, however, it should visually present the emotional responses that the experience generates with your users. But once you have completed your CJM, how can you evaluate its effectiveness?

Ten Questions to Ask a Prospective Usability Partner

What builds trust? How do you know a partner will be an innovator and not an order taker? What is the general make up of a successful relationship?

We revealed the top ten questions your usability research partner must be able to answer before you sign on the dotted line.

Eye Tracking on Wearable Devices

An exciting array of new smart wearable devices are available to consumers, but very few have proven useful enough to become a staple of our daily lives.

Top Five Considerations Of Usability Testing With Wearables

Wearables are becoming more and more popular with brands, such as Apple and FitBit, who are reinventing the wheel. Interested in doing some usability testing with wearables? You’re not alone.

In this paper, we walk through five key considerations that need to be made specifically for wearables, how to implement them, and why they’re so important.

Best Practices: 2015 Credit Card Mobile Sites and Apps

We survey 500 consumers bi-annually to gather feedback about how customers prioritize various features and capabilities to understand how credit card companies can increase satisfaction among their customers in the mobile touchpoint. 2/3 of smartphone owners surveyed have used their credit card company’s mobile site or mobile app. However, only 46% are satisfied with the mobile offerings provided by their credit card company.

In this brochure, we’ve extracted some top insights into Best Practices to consider for credit card mobile sites and apps.

The Future is Here - You Can Talk to Your Machines and They Listen

We are in the early stages of another tech boom. Controlling devices and products using your voice is here in a big way.

In deploying this research approach, we learned a great deal. Chief among them was how volumi- nous the verbal requests are for even the simplest of commands. This learning amplified the impor- tance of how large the voice command database needs to be for your customers to interact with the system as naturally as possible.


Competitive Analysis

Business Productivity: Selecting the Best HRIS for Your Organization


Traditional In-Lab User Testing

Evaluation of a Children’s Learning Tool Designed for Tablet: A Three Phased Research Program.


Eye Tracking

First Person In-Game User Experience with Eye Tracking


Usability Testing

A patient’s experience starts when they book their appointment: Understanding big picture patient experiences.



Health & fitness wearables launch in Asian markets: Unboxing Experience and Diary Study to explore user experiences.



Building, Monitoring and Using a Wedding Registry: An Omni-Channel Experience.


HUD Navigation

Using Eye Tracking Tools to Ensure Driver Safety


Expert Review and Usability Testing

There’s no need to yell “Taxi!” at your mobile app.

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